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Fresher Placements At Zero Cost

PRASUSH makes availability of a platform that facilitates trained fresher recruitment for the employers, from across the country. The process covers all the essential elements of fresher recruitment like skill analysis, candidate assessment etc., so as to increase the accessibility

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Permanent staffing solutions from PRASUSH are designed to serve as a gateway for completely screened and qualified applicants exclusively for your industry needs. We are a well-knit team of specialist professionals who devotes themselves to leverage your organization to accomplish the business goals

Contractual Staffing Solutions

At PRASUSH, we broadly follow a set process as far as our contractual staffing solutions are concerned. It

involves requirement analysis, understanding and brainstorming, coming up with a customized staffing plan, shortlisting and candidate verification etc.

Training & Development Services

PRASUSH through its Hire and Train module, is bridging the gap between the demand and supply, in terms of the knowledge, skills, and matching the talent with the available job positions. PRASUSH brings its extensive experience in career development and placement into training and hiring. No doubt, those seeking the services of PRASUSH will reap in the benefits of it.

ON & OFF Campus Recruitments

In this era of campus recruitments, PRASUSH serves to be a trusted partner who assists employers in organizing and conducting On and Off Campus Placements – right from the campus setting to deploying effective campaigns, undertaking and overseeing both ON-campus and OFF-campus recruitments in a well-planned way etc. Campus recruitments basically help the clients find talent across the length and breadth of the country